Suggestions on Global-Climate Change.

Some people know or don´t know what to do when it comes to global warming, so what can be better than some tips and opinions over it? For example:

  • How concerned are you about climate change?
  • What have you been taught about global warming?
  • What questions do you have about climate change?
  • What do you do that hurts or helps the climate?


– I am pretty concerned about it, now that science proves it, we are in a critical time in which IF we want to keep the human life expectancy and survive, we must protect the planet. It is not so hard to avoid harming the planet, it only requires you to be conscious about the subject and make you feel involved in the future.

– Thoughout my life, I have been taught that smoke or carbon dioxide(CO2) is one of the most harmful and contaminent. School is always the gate toward learning the basics of life, anything that would avoid something bad , like going to school on bike rather than on car or bus(if you live close enough or if you are in a safe neighborhood in order no not get stolen and blame it on me!).

– Some questions I do myself over the subject are:

  If the global warming is such a problem, than why isn´t there more campaigns that support the cause?

  Why aren´t there drastic changes so that we harm less the environment?

  Why is people so ignorant and act like if it was not such of a big deal?


– Some things I do to avoid global warming is:  Whenever my friends and I go out, we use the less amount of cars possible. Try to jog or walk to a friends house or to a restaurant instead of using my car. Give friends suggestions whenever they aren´t aware of certain situations that may affect them or the environment. Throw the garbage where it belongs to ( now that there are several trash cans with different labels and purposes). Any chance I have to re-cycle, re-use, or re-duce, I take that opportunity becuase it does not affect me directly and helps the planet.



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