In the article “Forget Global Warming. Waste Management Is the Big Problem” written by John Hofmeister, there is nothing but important information that the world needs to know. While the whole population focuses on global warming and thinks that is the only/biggest problem, they are very wrong. Waste management is known by few, there is a small part done, but it has to be more important and people must know and understand. Humans waste too much, more than the necessary, it is neither correct nor right for us to continue it and mostly because of the harm it does to the environment.

Global warming cannot be compared with waste management, because of the vast quantities of waste that is not being taken care of. This does not mean that we should stop caring for the global warming, but besides that we need to focus more on our wastes as John says “It’s insufficiently grandiose, when compared with climate change”. The changes that would be seen in case that we all actually cared for wastes and gave them the correct usage and disposal with a little dedication and time would be unbelievable.

 I agree with John when he says that public policy does not mention this too much, but it is for their benefit. This can be clearly seen like a corruption, now that it is an act that a small group of people decide that benefits them but affects thousands or millions of people. Promoting this problem would really help, and it is not hard, one can start with neighbors and make it more noticeable for everyone with time. “We’ll never deal with climate change from a public-policy perspective. It’s too big, too controversial, too ambiguous and too long-term to deal with in any meaningful public-policy methodology”. I can’t find better words to describe this world issue, in just a few words it expresses the essence of the problem and gives the proper understanding.

How can we live knowing that at a certain point the planet Earth will be so polluted and useless that it no longer be good and mankind will be extinct? This can be easily answered if we do nothing but think into the future, this will obviously help in a big way and lots of problems would be avoided. This is why we have to react NOW and make some changes, because if you don’t, then who will?


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